Well that was a bit harder than I expected!

Bear with me guys, this is my first attempt at a blog post for Cherry Wick... patience is not only requested, but probably required, but imagine the journey we can go on? 500 blog posts down the line and we'll both be pro's at this, well you may already be... in which case, definitely more patience from you please!

So as many of the cherry wickers, nee wooden wickers, will know, we've recently gone through the biggest change to the business since we started, by changing the company name to The Cherry Wick Candle Company. We've been asked an awful lot why we decided to do this and the answer is, we want to stand out. Its probably not that important now, and is sometimes a compliment when we get confused with that 'brand that shall not be named', but we have big aspirations and if we got to where we want to be and were still confused with 'brand that shall not be named', well... we only ever want to be us, cos I love us! We are cool in our own little way.

At least we make each other laugh!

So decision made, numerous glasses of wine drunk to calm the nerves, and off we trotted to someone who knew more about this than us, our ever so helpful, couldn't do this without you, accountant! Turns out, we didn't have to do very much (hurrah!) and he would sort it all out for us (extra hurrah!). A few formalities with Companies House and all the official stuff was done.

Now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the hard bit was all sorted. I mean, its official and legal and such, all sorted right? Yeah..... thats what I thought, turns out this was me reaching a level of naivety only previously reached by toddlers and those Wolverhampton Wanderers fans who place bets at the start of the season that we'll win the league - hang on, ok, I've reached this level before then!

So it turns out then, that the hardest part of this name change is quite literally, everything else! I had a plan, or more like me, I had about 20 lists of things to change. A list of things to do, a list of printed things to update, a list of emails to change, a list of things to pick up from the shop on the way home... I love a good list! This, as it turns out, is no help whatsoever! The first item on the list can't be done until you've designed a new logo, but that can't be done until you've checked what fonts work. Ok, lets try item number 2, make a new website... but that can't be done until you've registered a new domain, which can't be done until you've done about 20 other different things.

This! Just this! Day after day after day...

Suffice to say, id got myself into a bit of a tiz! (Side note: is 'tiz' a Black Country thing? It literally just came to me and now i'm not sure if everyone will understand?) To be really honest about it, id got into a right mess of spending all day at work going from one job to the next, never really finishing anything, and then going home and complaining to Roxy that I had got nothing done and what on Earth do I do? And of course, Roxy came to the rescue (less the shining armour and steed) with a very simple... "Just work on the logo today, and tomorrow we'll do something else".

Little by little, everything started to come together. The logo was created, the business cards were printed, the packaging was updated, we even created a whole new website. A fair few months had past by this point I should point out. That pretty much brings us up to present day, where we are still nowhere near done but at least on the surface, from your point of view, it looks like it is, and thats probably the thing that keeps me going with it. Not everything right now is as urgent as it was a few months ago. And we've also done a few extra things that we didn't quite expect to do along the way. I mean, who really brings out 2 new product ranges at the same time as changing the company name? And who on Earth decides to paint their shop exterior when the website still isn't live? Definition of procrastination right there!

Anyway, we're on the other side. We have a great looking shop now, inside and out, we have 4 different product types, each of those over 29 different fragrances, and we have a website thats smarter, better looking, and finally... as of yesterday, fully stocked with everything we do. So days are finally happy again. All thats really left to do are those nitty bits - oh and changing the email address with about 100 different people! Fun times! The main lesson learnt from all of this - i'm actually struggling to think - I actually expected to finish that sentence quite easily... is there a lesson learnt? We'd still do it if we had to, we'd still have days of being in a complete whirlwind... ok I've got it, lesson learnt from all of this... make sure the wine cabinet is fully stocked and there is a crackling candle in the background to relax you while you complain incessantly at home to your wife that running your own business is flipping tough! And then make sure you have flowers ready for when she makes it all better again!

So this concludes my first ever blog! What did we think? Not bad for a first attempt? Yeah ok, I'll take that. Could do better? Yep, thats definitely the plan. Must try harder? Well now just hand on a second... Absolutely rubbish? Ok well that just hurts my feelings.

Im not too sure where I want this blog to go just yet. I don't want to use it as a way to try and sell to you, although if it does have that effect, bonus! It's just going to be a kind of, this is where I'm at, or, I've had a bad week and you guys are the unfortunate people I'm going to offload my stresses to, or, we get asked that question a lot, lets tell everyone the answer! Or alternatively, if there is anything you want to see, let us know, we'll open it up to the group so we can all have a chat about it. But for now, thats me signing off, this has taken far too long and I've got a list to make!

Much loves

Gemma @ Cherry Wick


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