4 weeks until Christmas! No, that is not a misprint!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Guys i'm sorry. Lets just throw that straight out there. I'm sorry for mentioning the 'C' word but its practically already here at Cherry Wick HQ and we are already behind. Unfortunately, as we battle with the 30 degree temperatures outside (more like 40 in this shed!) we are having to start making Christmas scents.

We've just dispatched our first order of Christmas candles. No, i'm not even joking! Thing is, while us normal folk are out in beer gardens, or planning our next BBQ, those special ones that run their own shops, are already planning their Christmas stock.

First Christmas Order - Check!

Before we delved into the world of wax, we were like you, wondering round the aisles of Tesco on September 3rd watching staff replace the 'Back to School' stock with 100's of tins of Celebrations and boxes of Matchmakers thinking "What the actual ...., who is buying this stuff?" and then the obligatory conversation about Christmas stock coming out earlier and earlier every year. We were just like you once, and we would still love to be, but alas, it now appears that we have switched our allegiance to the dark Christmas in September side.

Thing is though, I get it now. I totally understand it. I hate it, but I get it. And i'll try to explain a little now, see if I can convert some of you to our side! You won't believe this, but its not actually our fault! If I had a £1 for every person that had come into our shop this year and said "These would make great Christmas presents, we'll have to come back and stock up" id be... well, not a millionaire, the Vineyards isn't exactly Oxford Street, but I'd have a decent amount of brownie points after treating Roxy to Alton Towers with a 2 day pass! Now, i'm certainly not one of them, but there are a bunch of people out there (we all know at least 1 of them) that are constantly planning for Christmas. These people are easily identified by their dedicated 'Christmas cupboard' thats already half full in July. They are the ones bragging in November because they have finished their shopping and Im still in the list making phase. I know someone like this, my mother in law.

She has a cupboard. It's already half full. I admire her ability to plan so well. But I understand why she does it. She's more for the chilled life and she gets the most pleasure from gifting the ones she loves. She gets a couple of things each month and adds them to the cupboard and by Christmas, the cupboard is overflowing. I mean, you have never seen so many presents, you would think her children were still 4 or 5, but no, both full grown adults, with a tower of presents each. She's not alone though, and like I say, you all know someone like this. And this is where I prove its not our fault.

We're not putting our Christmas Spice out in July, we have our limits, but come September, all these well planned people are looking for Christmas stock. They've already got the generic stuff that you can get all year round, they now want to tick the last few things off the list and a Christmas candle will do just that. In the past years, the moment the schools go back, our sales change and suddenly, Spiced Orange becomes the best seller... in September! Usually we would wait to bring out our Pumpkin Spice until October, but each year we've been asked to bring it out earlier and earlier, its now on the shelves all year round!

The thing is, if we don't put Christmas stock out, the organised folk are disappointed and (realistic business talk here) we've missed a sale. We're not in the habit of disappointing people, and missing sales is important to us, after all, its not like Tesco that you go to every other day so you don't mind missing out on the box of Baklava this time, if we miss a sale, it may be the last time these guys stop by before Christmas. So, important stuff! And its not just us, its all those other independent shop owners out there that rely on making the most of Christmas, because the first 6 months of the new year are so unpredictable, and yet, the bills are so so predictable!

Anyway, enough of the boring business talk, you don't need to be bogged down with all that. The main thing to say really is, we are really sorry that we stock Christmas stuff, we don't like it as much as you don't like seeing it, but we don't like disappointing people, especially the type of person that you can go to at any time of the year in a panic that you forgot someones birthday present and then they let you choose from their Christmas cupboard! Thanks mother in law! You've got me out of many a sticky situation!

So, this year, when you pop in during September and get hit with a cloud of cinnamon as you walk in, come and be open to a Christmas Spice candle, have a joke about our Christmas Pudding candle, and definitely take home a Frankincense & Myrrh candle. The weather will change before we know it, and a nice smelling Christmas candle is definitely going to put you in the mood for the festive holidays, you never know, maybe it will make you start Christmas shopping and you'll be one of those organised people before you know it!

Thanks for reading guys, and for listening to me rant about Christmas when Im currently sat in shorts and tshirt and sweating from the heat!

Much love and Christmas cheer!

The Cherry Wick Team


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