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Hello! Welcome! Pull up a seat and get comfy because you have just found your new favourite brand of home fragrance!
That was easy wasn't it!

At The Cherry Wick Candle Company, we are passionate about creating items that will enhance your every day life. Quite a statement eh? 

The things we make, we want them to take centre stage in your homes because you love them as much as we do. We want you to look forward to getting home and lighting that Lime, Basil & Mandarin candle that arrived this morning in the post. We want you to talk about us to your friends. We want you to come on the journey with us, and be part of it. 

And how on earth can we do all that you ask?

It's actually quite simple.

We just make sure that what we make, with our own bare hands, is the very best version of what we do. That candle that came in the post today, it's the best ever candle I've made to date. It wouldn't have been sent to you if it wasn't. 

So, like I say, pull up a seat, because you aren't just here to buy a candle (although amazing that you are!), you are just starting the journey with us. We can't guarantee that its always going to be smooth riding (ahem, 2020!), but we are right here with you doing our level best... hopefully with some laughs along the way.

Cherry Wick 30cl Candles
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£18.00 each

Our absolute staple, the OG, and the very thing that got us started... although admittedly back then we didn't do half as many fragrances! All our candles feature our signature wooden wick, giving a relaxing crackle sound while the candle burns.

  • 40-45 Hour Burn Time

  • Handmade and Hand Poured

  • Highly fragranced

  • Wooden wick creates a soothing crackle sound as it burns

  • Vegan friendly

  • Available in 32 fragrances



£18.80 each

A classic for any home fragrance brand is the reed diffuser. All day long fragrance and not a flame in sight. 

  • Lasts up to 4 months

  • Highly fragranced

  • Handmade and hand poured

  • 100ml size

  • Available in 32 fragrances



£5.50 each - 3 for 2 using code 342WAX

Perfect for those that just can't decide! These wax melts are for use in your regular wax burner (or check out our range here) and come as a pack of 6 cubes. We also have a 3 for 2 offer on all our wax melt range. Just use the coupon code 342WAX when you check out.

  • Each pack contains 6 cubes of individual wax melts

  • 5-8 hour burn time per square

  • 80g net

  • Handmade and hand poured

  • 3 for 2 - Use discount code 342WAX at checkout

  • Available in 32 fragrances



£10 each

Ever wanted to take your favourite candle away with you but worried about damage along the way? No, neither have we, but these are perfect if you ever did! Honestly, these are just smaller versions of our main wooden wick candles. Ideal if you wanted to try a fragrance out first, or if you wanted to combine a few together to really make that feature display something to shout about.

  • 15-20 Hour Burn Time

  • Handmade and Hand Poured

  • Highly fragranced

  • Wooden wick creates a soothing crackle sound as it burns

  • Vegan friendly

  • Available in 32 fragrances

  • Comes in metal tin with lid - see... ideal for travelling!



£10.50 each

Fed up of having to rebuy a whole diffuser, reeds, glass bottle and box when all you need is that amazing nectar that makes the room smell nice? Problem solved! These will top up your existing reed diffuser with another few months of juice! Saving money and saving the planet.

  • Lasts up to 4 months

  • Highly fragranced

  • Handmade and hand poured

  • 100ml

  • Available in 32 fragrances



From £9.95 each

I know what you are thinking! What does hand & body wash have to do with home fragrance? Roll with me on this one. These hand & body washes are designed to smell IDENTICAL to their candle counterpart. Which means your hands will smell as amazing as your home does. And your hands are in your home... therefore... home fragrance! Plus the fragrance really lasts, and makes your skin super clean so absolute no brainer! 

  • Available in 2 sizes - 250ml & 500ml

  • Hand poured

  • Vegan friendly

  • Paraben free

  • No animal testing

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Lit Cherry Wick Candle Dark.jpg


The Honesty Section

So here, I just want to take a step back for a moment if I may? We could, like every other company out there, use this space to say we are the absolute bees knees in every single way or that our candles are the best in the world because of X,Y and Z. But you didn't happen upon this section because you want to hear again how good we think our candles and our brand is did you? Nope.

You have carried on reading past the first paragraph because you are just curious nay intrigued, to know who on Earth is behind the screen, who is pouring the candle, who writes the content for the website, who cleans the floors (spoilers - it's all me!), and how did you get started? But really how did you get started... not just a story about how you made candles for friends and then someone said, "You should sell these" and Voila. No-one ever believes that. 

How about we actually tell you About Us? 

Crazy concept eh!

Home: About Us


Why not have a look at what we are getting up to at the minute in our 'quaint' (which means too small and needs more space!) little shop in Bobbington, Staffordshire. 

You can always follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the goings on, the musings, the special offers and sometimes, just the incoherent warblings of someone who doesn't quite know how to use social media but trys her hardest even though sometimes someone should just take her phone away.

Allow me to introduce you to our..... (drumroll)... Instagram feed. Apologies in advance. 

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Curious to know what we’re really capable of? Take a look at what our valued customers have to say about us.

Home: Testimonials

We absolutely love getting feedback from our customers. It's how we know what we are doing well (especially love these reviews!), how we can improve, or even just what new fragrances people would like to see us make next. 

Contact us with your review. We’d love to hear from you!

This was a gift for my mother on mother's day and she really loved it. They even included a poem in the candle box I sent in via email. The quality of the product is perfect and the aroma divine. I will definitely be a buyer of these candles again and would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Martin A

Image by Brett Jordan


We put a lot of work and effort into everything we offer, the way we do things and how we present ourselves. But nobody is perfect. We are just two people and as much as we bat ideas between ourselves, its very hard to get other peoples perspectives. Nobody knows us better than our own customers. So this is an important call to action, we want to hear your thoughts, your comments, your ideas on how we can improve and get better. We want to listen more.

Would you recommend us to your friends?

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