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I'll admit it, i'm one of those people who thinks Valentines day is a fake holiday set up by the card companies to get a burst of cash when its supposed to be a time for saving. But, and this is a BIG but, I like romance. 

This year, Im not going to spend a fortune, its not about the money, its ALL ABOUT THE THOUGHT PEOPLE! Instead of chocolates or flowers (although those are nice) do something out of the box. Why not get a memory! For our wedding anniversary, I designed a candle that was made from the same scent she wore on our wedding day and literally, still working off the brownie points I earned for that. 

But thats one of the great things about candles. Yes they are pretty, yes they smell great and of course with ours, they sound great too. But its what they do thats so brilliant. They take you back to the day you said 'I do', they take back to the first date in the local coffee shop. So don't just give chocolates, give them the moment they fell in love again. I promise, you won't regret it!



Cherry Wick candles and home fragrance products are the formulation of many years of experience, practise, testing, more practise and even more testing so you can rest assured they are of the highest quality. And since every item is handmade and hand poured by us, you know its already gone through the most stringent quality assessment possible. 

But what makes us different?

  • All our 30cl candles and travel candles are made with a wooden wick (its kind of our thing!) so they all make a relaxing crackle sound, just like a log fire

  • All our home fragrance products are highly fragranced, and we mean highly fragranced! Whats the point in a candle that only smells for an hour, or a reed diffuser that doesn't fill the room with the amazing scent you loved in the shop? Exactly. Our items will smell beautiful right from the box down to the last drops!

  • Our 30cl candles have a 40-45 hour burn time - yes, you read that right, long yes?! Thats because we spend hours, days, and more days testing each fragrance before we make it available so it burns all the way to the edge and all the way down... every time! 

And thats just the beginning. Want to know a little more? Just click the little button below to learn all about what makes our candles and home fragrance products just so good. 



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This was a gift for my mother on mother's day and she really loved it. They even included a poem in the candle box I sent in via email. The quality of the product is perfect and the aroma divine. I will definitely be a buyer of these candles again and would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Martin A


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